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About Us

Thahab is an Emirati  brand established and operated completely by Emirati Team

A bee flying over a willow tree branch, showcasing Thahab's commitment to delivering the finest honey products rooted in Emirati tradition.

We have more than 15 years of experience

Who We are

Welcome to Thahab, an Emirati brand deeply rooted in tradition and dedicated to delivering nature's finest treasures. At Thahab, we take pride in our Emirati heritage and our commitment to sourcing and crafting the purest honey products.

At Thahab, we are committed to honoring this heritage by preserving the traditional methods of Bortnichestvo. From the careful selection of bee habitats to the painstaking extraction of honey, every step of our process reflects the wisdom and craftsmanship passed down through generations.

Our History

Bortnichestvo is the original form of forest beekeeping, which is based on the content of bees in borts. Bort is a natural or man-made hollow in a living tree with a nest of wild bees.

Bortnichestvo is an ancient craft of the native population of Bashkortostan. For many centuries, the development of bortnichestvo in the Urals was favored by nature itself – dense virgin forests that stretch for hundreds of kilometers and abound in honey-bearing vegetation, and full-flowing rivers.

An illustration of various types of bamboo baskets and other items. Thahab: Pure Honey Shop in UAE

According to the preserved records of ancient travelers, it can be assumed that the ancestors of modern Bashkirs began hunting for wild bees’ honey no later than the middle of the first-millennium AD. This is confirmed by the research of the Birsky burial ground, opened in 1902 on the territory of modern Bashkortostan. Scientists have determined its age at about fifteen hundred years. It contains the complete equipment of a forest honey miner. Besides that, they found prototypes of modern smokers - charred logs-firebrands, apparently used by beekeepers to scare off bees with smoke.

Bee on yellow flower - Thahab, the finest honey store in Dubai, offers premium organic honey in UAE.
Aromatic honey and lavender on a wooden table from Thahab, the best premium honey shop in UAE

By the 18th century, primitive beekeeping had become a more organized form of beekeeping. The adaptation of natural and the creation of artificial borts for spontaneous settlement by bees began. There were many forest honey lands, in which one Bashkir had thousands of two or more borts marked with a generic sign (Tamga).

Honey: Nature's Remedy for Health. Thahab - UAE's finest honey shop. Premium, organic, and raw honey supplier. Enriching lives, preserving nature.
Thahab: UAE's Finest Pure Honey Shop. Premium, organic, and raw honey. Sustainably produced, supporting communities and preserving nature.

Our Mission

At Thahab, our mission is simple yet profound: to share the unparalleled goodness of nature with the world. We are committed to producing honey of the highest quality, while also preserving the natural habitats of our bees and supporting the communities that sustain us.

Through our dedication to sustainability, authenticity, and customer satisfaction, we strive to enrich lives and inspire a deeper appreciation for the wonders of the natural world.

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