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Bortnichestvo: Crafting Honey with Heritage

At Thahab Honey, the heartbeat of our craft resonates with the ancient art of Bortnichestvo. An integral part of Bashkortostan's heritage, Bortnichestvo is more than a beekeeping practice – it's a cultural celebration of the bond between humans and bees.

In the lush forests, our beekeepers carefully create borts – natural or man-made hollows in living trees that house wild bee colonies. The selection of trees, the carving of Tamga (a special sign or brand), and the meticulous craftsmanship are traditions passed down through generations. Bortnichestvo ensures that the wild bees thrive in their natural habitat, resulting in honey that is not just a product but a testament to the preservation of ancient traditions.

Follow us as we explore the craftsmanship involved in Bortnichestvo, the unique relationship between the Bashkort people and their bees, and the significance of Tamga. Thahab Honey invites you to witness the heritage embedded in every jar of honey, a heritage that echoes through the ages.

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