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Linden Al-Bashkiri Honey  : 

Special honey from the nectar of the queen of honey plants, Linden tree, silky color, good taste and countless health benefits
Honey of linden
Linden honey or Zezphon honey feeds on the nectar of 3 Zezphon trees and produces its nectar during wet weather, so it is considered an excellent environment for bees to produce the finest types of honey.
Health and therapeutic benefits:

✓Improves the immune system.
✓ It has purifying and sedative properties, so it is used for wound treatment.
✓It is considered the best honey to take before bed because it relaxes the body.
✓Recommended in cases of stress, anxiety and insomnia.
✓It is used to treat colds, bronchitis and cough.
✓ Treatment of fertility weakness, which guarantees egg vaccination.
✓It helps for severe sweating.
✓Honey is considered an energy for men and women as it enhances sexual desire
✓Activates the reproductive glands.
✓ Gives the body energy and vitality.
✓Improves blood circulation
✓ Helps in the prevention of genetic diseases.
✓Reduces the appearance of signs of aging.
✓ Reduces prostate infection
✓Suitable for people who suffer from general weakness, lethargy and laziness.
✓ Recommended in case of obesity to lose weight naturally.
✓ Helps treat nervous and digestive disorders.
✓Treats facial paleness after the age of 40.


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