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Golden honey is unparalleled, try it and judge for yourself
Trusted by millions of consumers, black buckwheat honey ⚪

◾Honey made from black Hunta flowers can be easily identified by its dark brown color, bright smell and very special taste.

◾It has a higher content of iron compared to light honey varieties.

◾The main ingredient in black buckwheat honey is carbohydrates, but it also contains vitamins, minerals, organic acids, flavonoids and polyphenols

Benefits of black buckwheat honey 👉
A source of antioxidants, as black buckwheat honey, plays a major role in preventing premature aging and related diseases.

Treatment for colds, this type of honey also helps children relieve cough and improve their sleep quality.

 Lowering cholesterol, this feature can lead to heart health and even treating high blood pressure.


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