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Cedar honey is one of the richest types of honey in the market, as it is widely known in the Middle East, and this is because honey has great medical importance in treating many diseases. Cedar honey is collected on the edges of the cedar forest of angelica and other honey plants in the mountains of the region of the Altai Territory. Cedar honey is a mixture of floral honey and cedar resin, which has a dark caramel color with a very bright sweet taste. The main feature of cedar honey is the oleoresin (cedar resin) added to cedar honey, which makes its taste brighter and richer. Its health benefits lie in: ◀️ Helps treat anemia, persistent colds, respiratory system and heart disease. ◀️ It has a strong effect on the endocrine glands and the nervous system. ◀️ Improves the external condition of the skin. ◀️ It has soothing and antibacterial effects. ◀️ cleanses the blood. ◀️ Increases body vitality.


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