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Cotton Honey ⚪

◾ Cotton pollen clearly affects honey - thanks to it, it gains rapid crystallization, density, tenderness, milk cream color and light creamy taste.

◾In the wonderful scent of cotton honey, notes of garden flowers and oriental fruits appear. With all the calories and saturation of valuable fats,

Its health benefits 

It is used as a medicine and is widely used as cosmetics.
Increases bone density and develops children's body.
 Increases hemoglobin level in blood.
 It treats digestive disorders.
 Eliminates asthma, and treats respiratory problems.
 Promotes muscle health and strength, and reduces the feeling of fatigue, fatigue and muscle stress.
👈 It is advisable to consume it twice a day, and it is preferable to consume it 30 minutes before eating, or two hours after eating.


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