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Benefits of Borzinki Honey:

📍 Treatment of low fertility, which guarantees egg vaccination.
📍It treats anemia and anemia, especially in pregnant women.
📍It gets rid of hair problems, because it contains uric acids.
📍 Corrects the blood pressure rate.
Energy honey for men and women as it enhances sexual desire 📍
📍Activates the genital glands.
📍Fights signs of aging and aging.
📍Treats respiratory problems
📍Treatment for cough and sore throat 
📍Activates all body organs and leaves the body without being affected by physical effort.
📍It also activates cells and repairs damaged ones.
📍Prevents the feeling of tiredness and exhaustion
📍It relieves the pain that women feel during or after marital intercourse.
Protecting the body from sugar accumulation.
📍Reduces vegetable cholesterol rates in the blood.
📍The body provides minerals such as phosphorus and iron, as well as amino acids and antioxidants.


AED1,200.00 Regular Price
AED800.00Sale Price
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