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Special blend honey ( married mix )🏅

Ingredients: honey 77%, pumpkin seeds, cardamom, pine, ginseng 1%

 a mixed mix ......... For a great benefit 
 a mixed mix ......... For a great benefit 

Some think that special mixture honey is sexually beneficial for men only and that is completely wrong, it is beneficial for sexual health for both men and women,

You are the honey of energy. Health 💫 Fitness 💫. Beauty 
This mixture promotes fertility in women and regulate female hormones.
It also helps to maintain a healthy uterus free of bacteria, to contain natural anti inflammatory..
It is also useful in treating sexual disability and increasing the release of testosterone.
Improving blood circulation, feeling comfortable, relieving pain, and regulating menstrual cycle, as well as improving sexual functions.
In short, the honey of the special mixture enhances sexual ability, increasing sexual desire and enhances erection in males
It also improves reproductive health and male and female reproductive health.
 Helps increase sperm, contributes to delay ejection and improves mood.
Enhances sexual desire.
Works on activating the genital glands
Stimulates sexual hormone production in men
Determines the infection of prostate inflammation.